Fulfilling Every Child's Potential

At Greenberry World School, we ensure a learning environment that enables every child to excel in academics, find and follow their passion, and fulfill their potential to become the best they can be. Accordingly, our curriculum focusses on holistic learning that achieves a balance among the cerebral, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual development of a child.

Cerebral development: critical thinking, in-depth understanding, inquiry, creativity, recollection, and application
Social development: positive personal relationships, effective communication, trust and belief in the goodness of others, desire to help, and a sense of identity
Emotional development: self-belief and confidence, self-control, self-motivation, creative interests, and passion for life-long learning
Physical development: pursuit of sport, healthy practices (diet and exercise), personal care and hygiene
Spiritual development: feeling at one with nature, the universe, and the self.